Power 5 - Methodology

What is Power 5? Hans P. Wolf, MD trademarked a revolutionary way of learning for students preparing for the USMLE and COMLEX medical licensing exams. His teaching method is called the “Power 5”. Dr. Wolf’s Power 5 method integrates the 5 main organ systems through physiology.

Over the years, while directing students to succeed in their medical careers, Dr. Wolf saw a need for developing a course that focused on the common links between organ systems. By concentrating on this, students and physicians found they have a better understanding of the patient as a total entity rather than just focusing on a single pathology. Understanding high-yield concepts and the “how and why” to medicine is an important part of the Power 5 success.

Students who come to the WOLFPACC program oftentimes are overwhelmed and do not know how to apply the vast information they learned in medical school effectively toward their exams. Once students understand the connection between these organs and their diseases, it dramatically increases their exam pass rate.

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