WOLFPACC USMLE review course!

Prepare for USMLE Steps 1, 2 or 3 with WOLFPACC, Inc and Hans Wolf, MD!  Learn a better way to prepare for your USMLE Boards with 4 weeks of key instruction.  

If you are interested in having our program at your school or location, call 904-209-3140 for details. 

Learn effective strategies for USMLE board preparation and pass with high scores. WOLFPACC has over 10 years experience working with national, international students and doctors.  

We structure our course so you have plenty of face-to-face interaction with your instructors and fellow students. You are taught to understand medicine through high yield concepts rather than memorizing details in your preparation.

Dr. Wolf’s “Power 5” trademarked methods for preparing for the boards will get you pumped up and excited. Dr. Wolf and the WOLFPACC staff teach the “how and why” of each organ system. Learn why when one system becomes a problem, the rest of the organ systems will react a certain way and how this happens through organ integration.

We also work with your base-line of knowledge, organize your thought pattern, create connections between organ systems & apply this knowledge to the clinical aspects of medicine. 

Don't Memorize It . . . Learn It!