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Test Prep for USMLE & COMLEX

WOLFPACC is a USMLE and COMLEX review programs that assist test takers in maximizing their potential on the boards, as well as clinical application on the hospital wards. Many Universities utilize WOLFPACC as a link between the Basic Sciences and the Clerkship transition very successfully. This gives students who attend the program the “why” to management. 

Attending a review program that re-addresses the enormous amounts of material covered in medical school will refresh your knowledge. However it will in no way assist you in the application of that material. Since the USMLE / COMLEX have reconstructed the exam to a clinical approach, test takers are now required to apply their knowledge and not just regurgitate memorized material to obtain a completive score.  

Here at WOLFPACC we do take the material presented in medical school that is board relevant/clinically relevant and teach you the common link between systems. This gives attendees a complete understanding of all the systems regardless of how the test writer attempts to hide the diagnosis or management within the questions. We pride ourself on application of the material and sit with you one-on-one to observe your interpretation of the question. Since each and every one of you have a different reading level of comprehension, it is imperative that we observe your question approach to maximize application of the lecture material through one-on-one tutoring.

Many prospective applicants inquire about the program, with the understanding that their weakness is not in the knowledge of the material but in the application of the material to the questions. Many sources are utilized by the board candidates such as First Aid, Step-Up or Crush which are all acceptable, but keep in mind it still come down to application of the material learned. Once enrolled, attendees receive constructive guidance and a strong mentorship to yield the highest possible score. Results are immediate when following the guidance of the program and the attendee quickly rebuilds that sense of confidence moving forward.

All Steps and Levels have benefited tremendously from the WOLFPACC approach and moved on to achieve great things within the fields of Medicine.

Your time is now!