Can I take the 8 week "guarantee" course on-line?

Unfortunately, this option is only offered to the 8-week live in-person students..

Do you offer different program lengths other than the 4-weeek and 8-week programs?

Yes, we also offer a six-week and a four-month option. If you are interested in the four-month option, please call our campus to better assist us in understanding your needs.

Does the 4-wk program cover the same information as the 8-wk program?

The first four weeks of both programs are the same. Content must be covered first to ensure everyone has the same level of knowledge.

If enrolled in the four-week program, you will also tutor (1-on-1) three times a week (1-hour sessions) to practice applying your knowledge to board style questions.

If enrolled in the eight-week program, you will also tutor (1-on-1) but five times a week (1-hour sessions) to practice applying your knowledge to board style questions. This will yield 40 hours of 1 on 1 time with the WOLFPACC staff. During the second four weeks, you will participate in small group sessions for two hours a day (M-F) as well as the designated tutoring. This is the time repetition is essential in working on the material with the staff.

How is WOLFPACC approach differ from other board review programs?

At WOLFPACC, we offer a more individualized experience and one-on-one attention with our programs. All our programs offer one-on-one tutoring, where a mentor will be assigned to watch over your progress. We also have diagnostic exams that will be used to monitor your progress and challenges at the program.

How many exams are given with the 4-wk vs 8-wk program?

Students will receive one diagnostic exam during their four-week enrollment at the program.

Students enrolled in the eight-week program will receive two diagnostic exams.

All exams will be evaluated by Dr. Wolf to design a personalized study plan to fit your needs. The diagnostic exams are taken at the end of each four-week window.

Regardless of enrollment into the four- or eight-week program, all students will also receive weekly diagnostic exams on the material that was covered in lecture that week. This ensures students stay on track during the enrollment period.

How may tutoring sessions will I receive with the program?

A 4-wk program comes with 3 tutoring sessions per week, meaning you will receive 12 total tutoring sessions.

A 6-wk program comes with 3 tutoring sessions per week for the first four weeks and then 5 tutoring sessions weekly for the remaining two weeks. You will receive 22 total tutoring sessions.

An 8-wk program comes with 5 tutoring sessions per week, meaning you will receive 40 total tutoring sessions.

An 8-wk program comes with 5 tutoring sessions per week, meaning you will receive 40 total tutoring sessions.

I failed my exam, can your program help me?

Yes, we can! We recommend that students who have had a failed attempt, attend our Live Lecture Program. Our one-on-one tutoring will also help us determine what underlying weakness you may have with the application of the material. Dr. Wolf will sit one-on-one with you to discuss your journey and offer recommendation on how to best mediate the situations to get you back on track.

Is there a discount or promotional code for the program?

Dr Wolf takes your investment into his program very seriously and has maximized the number of tutoring sessions as well as years of experience to give you the best product. Even with the fluctuations in the economy, WOLFPACC has not changes its prices in 5 years to ensure each student can afford to enroll into the program.

Is there an opportunity to extend the program after my enrollment time has ended if needed?

Yes. Dr Wolf will make recommendations based off your progress during the program. An individualized study plan will be made and if an extension is needed, a recommendation will be made at that time.

What documents do you provide for international students that intend to enroll in person?

We do not provide any documents for a Visa other than a Border Letter. Border Letters are provided only upon payment for the program. For required documentation, each country varies with the rules for travel. We advise that you consult your local consulate to evaluate your travels.

What is the 8-week Guarantee?

Those who are enrolled in the 8-week Guarantee program are given the opportunity to return to the program for 8 weeks (tuition free), if unable to pass the board exam in which they enrolled for. You will be given a 60-day window to test, following completion of your enrollment. Housing will still be your responsibility during the return.

Will I have time to study and practice board style questions?

The WOLFPACC schedule was designed so every student has ample time to study, practice questions, exercise and get an appropriate amount of rest. There should be no excuse as to not having enough time to finish your tasks if you remember the key to your success lies in being well organized.

Will your program benefit me if I am studying for the COMLEX exam?

Yes! We have an osteopathic staff to assist you on the OMM material as well as the material designated for your specific exam.

What are the lecture times for the course?

Step 1 and Level 1 students will be in “live” lecture from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. Tutoring will follow in the afternoon.

Step 2/3 and Level 2/3 students will be in “live” lecture from 1:00pm until 5:00 pm. Tutoring sessions will be scheduled between 8:00 am and 12:00pm.