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COMLEX Level 1 Live Lecture

High yield COMLEX Live lecture classes, learn the “How and Why”, custom tailored study plan, 1 on 1 tutoring for all Levels of the boards with DO’s or MD’s.

Our comprehensive review covers all the basic medical sciences in an organ system-based approach known as the “POWER 5.”

The POWER 5 approach is designed to teach a major system and correlate it to the previous one presented. This approach takes the memorization out of medicine and shows you that all the organs are connected through physiology. As each week passes here at the program, you will gain not only knowledge and how to apply it, but will truly enjoy the learning experience. This method allows you to have total command of the material in every situation when presented.

The live lecture is taught in a very interactive manner. This means that students are inspired to openly ask questions.  This removes the repetitive nature of most programs and their passive learning style.

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COMLEX Level 2 / Level 3 Live Lecture

Our Level 2 & 3 course enables you to master difficult clinical situations and still remain confident in your management approach. Many students in preparation for Level 2 or 3 feel the key to mastering the exam is through algorithms of management. This could not be further from the truth and would be a dangerous interpretation of how to prepare for the board exams.

In order to direct the correct test to rule-in or rule-out a disease, you must first derive a set of differentials. These differentials are a derivative from your basic science understanding. Here at WOLFPACC we ensure you have a concrete understanding of the POWER 5 approach and how it applies to the clinical world. This will ensure correct management decisions are made in each and every case.

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COMLEX versus USMLE Exams

It is estimated that in the realm of medical knowledge, there is an overlap of approximately 70-80% in the material tested on the COMLEX and USMLE. In fact, many students elect to take USMLE Steps as well as completing the necessary COMLEX Levels to meet NBOME licensure requirements. At WOLFPACC, we can help you understand the difference in how the USMLE and COMLEX exam questions are written and scored as well as the difference in diagnosis and management of patient care. We offer 4-week, 6-week and 8-week test preparation review courses, for additional information give us a call at (904) 209-3140.