Our one-on-one USMLE & COMLEX tutoring is what separates us from other programs. Tutoring is scheduled after live lecture each day in various designated tutor offices. Our tutors will go over questions related to the level of exam you are attempting to challenge. During tutoring, testing anxiety, question interpretation, and application of your knowledge are all addressed. The main purpose of tutoring is to teach you how to apply your knowledge to the questions and not get tricked by semantics within the vignettes. This approach also helps build your confidence in passing the exam.

Students enrolled in the four-week program will be scheduled tutoring sessions three times a week. This may occur at any time after class during the week and possibly on the weekend (Saturday only). Each session is designed to focus on the material presented that day in lecture and to apply the information to questions that correlate to the topic. This approach leads to a command of the material and application of its content to questions.

If you are enrolled in the eight-week “Guarantee” program, you will be scheduled a total of five sessions throughout the week. The same focus will be placed on the first four weeks as those students enrolled in a four-week program. You will also be required to attend a one-hour small group study directed by a staff member on material associated with the live lecture of that day. This will guarantee a complete understanding of all the material presented during the live lecture. During the second four week portion of your program, you will still continue with the five sessions each week. Small group sessions will now increase to two hours each day and will target specific weaknesses still hindering a superior score.