Dr Wolf established the ONLY review program around to offer a “Guarantee” to students taking the USMLE and/or COMLEX exams. Other programs started to catch on, but Dr. Wolf has always been the only program that allows students to come back for free should they not pass their exam. Our hands-on approach, one-on-one tutoring, small class size and structured environment are all part of the keys to our student’s success.

For the 8-week Guarantee to apply…

  • Attend all lectures, group studies and tutoring sessions scheduled.
  • Sit your exam within 60 days of completing the program.
  • The Guarantee only applies to the USMLE or COMLEX.
  • If you fall short of the passing requirements, you will be allowed to return to the program TUITION FREE for 8 weeks. (offer must be fulfilled within six months of your board exam results)
  • Must reside in student housing the entire enrollment period, unless approved by Dr. Wolf

Program includes:

  • Challenge exams and a diagnostic test
  • Assessment Tests which are evaluated by Dr. Wolf
  • One-on-One tutoring to equal 5 sessions per week (40 sessions total)
  • All comprehensive material needed to pass the exam
  • Group sessions to solidify the Lecture material

WOLFPACC does not discriminate against language barriers, learning disabilities or anxiety disorders that may have contributed to a failing score. We are committed to all of our students and do not take the one-size-fits-all approach.  Our program is custom tailored to each incoming student’s strengths and weaknesses to yield an overall impressive board score.