World-Class Instructors

WOLFPACC’s main instructor is Hans Wolf, MD; CEO and Founder. Dr. Wolf has carefully hand-selected his assistant instructors based on their specific specialty and what they will offer each student. All WOLFPACC instructors are MDs or DOs and understand what you are going through. All have years of experience in preparing future physicians for the USMLE or COMLEX. Dr. Wolf understands your test results affect your career in medicine, which is why his methods have been so effective in helping students quickly recall information when needed – resulting in not only success with their passing the USMLE or COMLEX exams, but in their careers as well.



Our Tutors

WOLFPACC tutors are carefully selected by Dr. Wolf and chosen because of the success they had on their exams and their excellent study habits when they attended our program. Having been through the program, tutors understand Dr. Wolf’s methodology. They are MDs or DOs who are exceptionally skilled at recognizing where a student’s strengths and weaknesses are. They work with the students to create a tailored study plan that will deal with time management, study techniques and strategies, possible anxiety problems, language barriers, or any other issue that may be a potential block. 

Tutors communicate with Dr. Wolf on a weekly basis about your progress. If they see something is not working, Dr. Wolf will make suggestions on new things to try. 

Our One-on-One Tutoring is what separates us from other programs. Tutoring is after lecture each day in a private office.  We do not do group tutoring so we are sure your individual needs can be met. Your tutors will go over very specific questions related to the level of the exam you are studying for.   

Our Office Staff

At WOLFPACC, our friendly staff are available to meet all your needs and help address any concerns.  Our office staff works hard to provide a distraction-free, positive environment for optimal learning.