Level 1 – WOLFPACC Overview

Our comprehensive review covers all the basic medical sciences in an organ system based approach know as the “POWER 5”.

The POWER 5 approach is designed to teach a major system and correlate it to the previous one presented.  This approach takes the memorization out of medicine and shows you that all the organs are connected through physiology. As each week passes here at the program, you will gain not only knowledge and how to apply it, but will truly enjoy the learning experience.  This method allows you to have total command of the material in every situation when presented. 

The live lecture is taught in a very interactive manner.  This means that students are inspired to openly ask questions.  This removes the repetitive nature of most programs and their passive learning style.  Students are taught concepts, retention techniques, clinial thinking, and not rote memorization.  We provide everything a student needs to succeed and pass the COMLEX Level 1 with high scores.

The Level 1 exam is the first step taken by medical students and graduates seeking to practice medicine in the United States. The purpose of the COMLEX Level 1 exam is to assess an individual’s basic science knowledge. This is a multiple choice exam and is organized into general science principles and individual organ systems. There is a strong emphasis on the application of basic science principles in the practice of clinical medicine.

Covered material includes, but not limited to:  Anatomy, Neurology, Behavioral Science, Biochemistry, Genetics, Physiology, Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology and Pathology. This course also includes OMM Modules with Osteopathic specific curriculum. 

Course Structure:

  • Lectures are M-F, from approx. 8:00am – 4:00pm, followed by tutoring and drills with plenty of time left over for self-study.  Building closes by 8:00pm. Saturday classes are from 8:00am – 5:00pm.
  • Classes have 10 min. breaks every hr. and a 1 hr. lunch

Included Services:  (services may vary depending on 4 week or 8 week session)

  • 8-week Guarantee 
  • Group Sessions
  • Live Lectures
  • Q-bank included for 8 week sessions
  • Lecture Materials
  • Level 1 test-taking skill sessions
  • One-on-One Tutoring Sessions
  • OMT specific module material
  • Unlimited use of the computer lab (during center hours)
  • NBOME practice exams and weekly challenge exams

Pricing: Side by Side course comparison