I am pleased to inform you that I passed my USMLE Step 1 exam with a 236 score! I took it this past March & received my grade this morning. A big thanks to everyone involved in the whole process, especially Dr. Wolf, Dr. Rizzo & Dr. Savona, the other tutors and the rest of the team that were instrumental in my success. Thank you for your dedication, time and efforts. I will definitely recommend your program to anyone who asks for my guidance in the future.


After 2 failed attempts at Step 1, I knew I had to seek out additional training. I was skeptical, having taken review courses in the past, but the WOLFPACC Program’s 1-on-1 training and focused lectures truly allowed me to excel. Within the first week we identified my problem areas and worked to overcome them. After completing the 8-week course, I passed the Step 1 with a 210. Dr. Wolf's program was truly the key to my success and I look forward to returning for Step 2.

F. T. Step 1 & 2: Univ. of Medical & Health Science

You not only gave me the tools to succeed but built my confidence back up again! I am proud to say that I have successfully passed Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS, thanks to WOLFPACC.

J. F. Step 1, 2 CK & CS: Univ. of the West Indies

Tell Dr. Wolf that I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School. I have recommended this program to anyone I have encountered in the MA medical area. Because of it I have passed my 3 steps!

C. V. Steps 1

First off, I have to thank you for all the help I received at WOLFPACC. It has changed my life. I honestly reference my WOLFPACC notes on a daily basis. I just finished my first Core rotation which was peds, which included an end-of-rotation exam that was administered by the NBME, so it's structured to be very similar to the COMLEX. I studied my WOLFPACC notes on peds, I reviewed Step up to USMLE Step 2, and I used the WOLFPACC technique on the practice questions and of course on the exam! I passed with a solid “B”!! I cannot tell you how much more confident I am now than before I came to St. Augustine. I was so lost before I came there, I had these random facts floating around inside my head and I had no way of organizing them and no way of using the information to answer questions or, more importantly, to treat patients. I still have a long way to go, but I truly feel that I now have the skills that are necessary in order to get there.

T. D. Level 2: LMU

Thank you for all your help while I was at WOLFPACC. My experience was positively amazing! I didn’t expect for everyone to be so caring and friendly. You really are one big family and you welcome each student in as a part of that family. I will let you know where my journey takes me.


M. R. Paul L. Foster

I really appreciate all the support and care the staff and fellow students at WOLFPACC gave me throughout the stay. I recently found out my score for the USMLE Step 1. I’m pleased to report that I have passed with a 230! I will look forward to seeing you all for Step 2!

C.L. Step 1: UCLA

I really appreciate all of the help I received from Dr. Wolf and the staff at WOLFPACC, as well as the success it has brought me. I rave about it every time I get a chance to.


I tried several other review courses and ended up failing my Step 1 twice. I decided to try WOLFPACC and if I couldn’t make it with them, I planned on quitting. At WOLFPACC, I was able to understand why things worked the way they did instead of memorizing a bunch of random facts. Thanks to Dr. Wolf’s teaching style and the tutors' 1-on-1 attention, I passed not only Step 1 but also Step 2! I am now working on Step 3! WOLFPACC is the reason I continued medical school and became a doctor.

E. R. Steps 1

Please accept my sincere THANKS to Dr. Wolf and the entire WOLFPACC team. It really was a wonderful experience for me and was definitely worth it!

C. C. Amer. Univ. of Antigua

Thank you, Dr. Wolf and staff for all your support and help during what was the most challenging and emotionally trying time for me. You gave me the courage to continue and tools to know how to do so. I am happy to say I scored a 245 on my exam and I look forward to Step 2!

C. J. Step 1: USUHS

Two of my best friends took the USMLE Step 1 at WOLFPACC in St. Augustine. One has passed and the other is waiting for her results. Every time I have the chance to speak to them they tell me how wonderful the program is. I never considered taking a review until 3 weeks ago. I studied on my own and passed Step 1. Then I started studying for Step 2 but something happened & my world flipped upside down - My father died. Now I can’t even look at a book and my concentration is completely gone. I feel confident that your program would help me move forward with my study plans.

J.C. UAG (Update: This student passed her Step 2)

I have a student who just came back from your program. She said “I learned medicine!!” This is great! I have been telling students about the program. They are always energetic about how to best prepare for the boards.

Faculty VCOM

I had a lot of things going on in my life that were preventing me from studying well. I couldn’t make any progress. I tried 2 other review courses which turned out to be a waste of time and money. When I heard about WOLFPACC I was hesitant because I had already spent a fair amount of money. I felt I had few options left and decided to try it because of the small class size and the access to the staff & Dr. Wolf. I was hopeful with the first week and by the second week I had my confidence back. Dr. Wolf’s methodology really clicked for me, and he really nailed it when it came to my hang-ups and the staff was always patient & kind. Long story short, I am now on to Step 2!

M. E. Level 1: LMU

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and support. You helped me through the most challenging experience of my life. You gave me the tools that I needed to make it and I know I have what it takes to get through my exams. I will miss all of the staff at WOLFPACC. I consider you my friends.


Thanks to all for reminding me to have confidence in myself. Without Dr. Wolf and his staff, I would not have had the confidence to do well & pass my exam. I will take your influence & powerful concepts with me! Love this program & everyone in it!

VCOM: Carolinas, COMLEX 1 Student

I had such a positive experience at WOLFPACC. I have wanted for years to see all the information I have been exposed to in my medical education presented in a cohesive way that would allow me to understand it rather than just simply memorize it. The staff was so friendly, and I could not think of a better place or better people to spend several weeks with. Dr. Wolf was easily the best teacher I have had throughout my years in medical training, and thanks to him I now understand core physiological principles that will allow me to reason through problems. Best of all, I am excited about my education now! Thanks so much to WOLFPACC and all the staff for a stellar program and experience!


Thanks again for all the help when I was there. WOLFPACC is a great program and I have recommended it to my friends. I felt a lot more confident after all the classes and my physio has never been better. It was also very helpful to have the tutors point out where I had problems, it helped me know where to focus. I am still waiting for my results; it has only been 3 days so far, so I am on pins and needles. My last two practice tests were 430 and 460, so I feel very good.

J.M. Step 1: AUA