How to Pass the USMLE or COMLEX Exams

September 2, 2010


How to Pass the USMLE or COMLEX Exams

A majority of the questions posted on medical-student forums are asking for advice about the best approach for passing the various steps of the USMLE or COMLEX examinations. Some of the students who have already passed a particular level of the exam swear by certain study guides while other medical students found the very same books to be of very little benefit during their review. That said, the one underlying element that each of these approaches have in common is that the student’s success is based on an ability and desire to memorize as many answers to as many questions as time permits.

At WOLFPACC, we believe there is much better way. In fact, if you know the concepts, you can lose the memorization and simply learn to apply the knowledge that you acquired in medical school. During the clinical sciences phase of your training, volumes of information were presented in every class that you attended. For a lot of students, this overload of new data simply became a huge pile of disconnected learning that would need to be reviewed as the test date for their USMLE or COMLEX grew closer. This has always been one of the unfortunate side effects of too much information to cover and too little time to devote to learning it.

The good news is that you likely already know a lot more than you think you do. In fact, the secret for passing and recording a solid score on your Board exams lies in understanding what it is that you need to know in order to figure out everything else. Dr. Hans P. Wolf, founder and director of WOLFPACC, always discourages memorization by pointing out the advantage a student has when they learn one concept that will help them derive the answers to a thousand questions. By adopting the WOLFPACC philosophy, not only will you gain the confidence needed to pass your exam, you will become a much better doctor in the process.

If you are interested in investing in your medical future rather than a stack of USMLE or COMLEX review books, then please take the time to browse our website and learn more about our revolutionary approach. Since all of the concepts are built around a solid understanding of physiology, medical students at all levels are welcome to attend as each will benefit from Dr. Wolf’s physician achievement concept courses. At WOLFPACC, we remain committed to ensuring that every student passes his or her Board exams and is empowered to become a confident practicing physician.