How to Craft Your Medical School Letter of Intent

March 30, 2015


How to Craft Your Medical School Letter of Intent

If you’ve applied and been interviewed for acceptance at medical school, your next step should be to craft a letter of intent to let your top choice school know of your commitment.

Medical schools want to know without a doubt that the students they accept will undoubtedly and enthusiastically attend. That’s because an admitted applicant who enrolls affects the school’s yield, the percentage of admitted applicants who actually enroll. Yield is one of the top factors used in assessing a school’s rank and prestige, so admissions officers have a vested interest in making sure they extend offers to the right students. So, if you’re neck-and-neck with another potential student, a letter stating your pledge could be the deciding factor that lands you a coveted position.

When crafting a letter of intent begin by expressing your gratitude for being under consideration and briefly describing a few of the things you enjoyed during your visit to the school and your interview process. In the next paragraph, clearly state why you’ve chosen the school as your top option. Follow with a short paragraph explaining why you’re a great choice for admission, discussing how you’ll contribute to the student body and school’s environment. Finally, close your letter by graciously thanking the admissions officers for considering your application.

Of course, acceptance to medical school is only the beginning. To help further assure you’ve got the competitive edge, call 904-209-3140 and speak with a WOLFPACC enrollment specialist today.