10 Medical Schools That Enroll the Highest Percentages of Accepted Students

December 15, 2015


For medical school hopefuls, receiving an acceptance letter is a highly anticipated attainment. The only thing better? Receiving multiple letters of acceptance from several institutions. So which do you choose? A key deciding factor may be in looking at the percentage of accepted students that various schools actually enroll.

According to statistics compiled by researchers at US News & World Report, these medical schools consistently enroll at least 75 percent of the students they accept:

  1. University of Kansas Medical Center: 248 students accepted, 211 enrolled
  2. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences: 205 students accepted, 171 enrolled
  3. University of Oklahoma: 199 students accepted, 165 enrolled
  4. University of New Mexico: 128 students accepted, 103 enrolled
  5. University of Washington: 296 students accepted, 235 enrolled
  6. University of South Dakota: 74 students accepted, 58 enrolled
  7. University of Utah: 131 students accepted, 102 enrolled
  8. Ohio University: 182 students accepted, 141 enrolled
  9. Harvard University: 219 students accepted, 167 enrolled
  10. University of North Carolina: 240 students accepted, 180 enrolled

Of course, your ultimate choice will depend on multiple factors. Location, cost, prestige, learning style and the particular medical specialties you’ll study all will play a role in your decision making. But no matter where you choose to study, preparation is key to success. That’s where enrolling in WOLFPACC’s med school preparatory courses can make the difference. We offer a Pre Med Head Start course that reveals just what you can expect at medical school, as well as test prep courses that can help you ace your USMLE and COMLEX exams. Find out more by calling 904-209-3140 to speak with an enrollment specialist at our St. Augustine, FL campus.