83-Year-Old Surgeon Shows its Never Too Late to Learn

January 12, 2016


83-Year-Old Surgeon Shows its Never Too Late to Learn

With upward of 40,000 surgeries under his belt over the course of his 37.5-year career in medicine, one might assume that Gino Mori, MD likely knew all there was to know about his profession. He disagrees. That’s why the 83-year-old surgeon re-enrolled in medical school six decades after he first graduated.

Dr. Mori first graduated medical school in 1953, the same year that scientists discovered the structure of DNA. After a successful career, he retired in 2001. But as it turns out, a rocking chair just didn’t suit him. So, he headed back to class, racking up nearly 200 credits in an array of subjects including history, philosophy and art. Ultimately, his first loved called again and in 2013, he reenrolled in medical school.

Of course, a lot has changed in the years since his initial stint in med school – particularly the technology and the demographics. Dr. Mori’s first class of 175 included only one student who was not a white male. Today, his classmates are far more diverse. They credit him with helping them through their first two years of school with his incredible depth of knowledge, while he is grateful for their help teaching him how to use his iPhone and MacBook.

Dr. Mori was born in 1932 to a coal-mining father who reached only sixth grade, but taught himself English by poring over stacks of books and issues of the New York Times and National Geographic. Clearly, that experience instilled in the boy a lifelong love of learning despite any perceived limitations.

“I try to get everything I can out of this life and enjoy it,” Dr. Mori recently told The Times-Tribune in Scranton.

We here at WOLFPACC share that sentiment. While the average age of a medical student in America is 24, the school regularly accepts students in their 30s and 40s. One student is a 62-year-old tenured university professor who took a leave of absence to pursue a medical degree. Small classes; one-on-one attention from instructors, tutors and mentors; and a unique approach to the study of medicine all help ensure a successful experience for students of any age.

Whether you’re a first-time med school hopeful or a longtime practitioner looking to update your knowledge and skill set, WOLFPACC can help. Call 904-209-3140 to learn more.