Mother-Son Duo Prove It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Dreams of a Medical Career

November 4, 2016


All the talk at Oklahoma State University Medical School lately is about 23-year-old Cody Miller and his 46-year old mom, Terresa Miller. That’s because the duo is a rare occurrence of a parent and child attending school together – and the elder Miller is proof positive that it’s never too late to pursue a dream career.

Terresa opted to skip the workforce and focus on raising her children in their younger years. But as they grew older and became more independent, she decided to toss aside preconceived notions about age and career, and enrolled in medical school at 42 – nearly twice the averae age of medical students today.

Today, Terresa is in her fourth year of school and set to graduate in May 2017. She aims to focus on pediatrics. Cody, the oldest of her three children, is in his first year and plans to graduate in 2020. He says he was inspired by visiting his mother in the science lab, as well as a medical mission trip to Honduras.

While some aspects may prove tough, being an older student does have clear benefits. Older students bring life experiences and maturity to the classroom, which often proves a help to younger students, too. And though younger students typically have fewer responsibilities to juggle, older students often are on more solid financial footing.

If you’re considering going to medical student despite what you may consider “advanced age,” we say go for it! Here at WOLFPACC one of our most successful recent students enrolled in her 60s. She was a tenured university professor and longtime missionary who took a leave of absence to pursue her goal of a medical education. Our revolutionary, customized and highly personal approach to helping students master the study and practice of medicine can assure you’re able to compete and succeed at any age.

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