Five Reasons to Consider a Joint Medical Degree

November 8, 2016


Becoming a practicing physician isn’t the only reason to earn a medical degree. And for many students who do plan to practice medicine, an additional degree may prove a boon to their careers. Here are five reasons to consider studying on a dual-degree or joint MD track.

  1. You’d like to work in medical media: Television shows like The Doctors, Oz and Dr. Phil prove that there is money to be made in medicine outside the hospital or clinic environment. And television isn’t the only outlet. Medical media, including TV, radio and online shows, magazines, trade journals and books are highly popular sources of information about health and medical issues and trends for consumers – and potentially very lucrative career opportunities. A journalism or related communications degree can help.
  2. You’d like to work in medical law: Medical mistakes happen, even with the most conscientious of physicians, surgeons and other medical personnel. In such cases, competent attorneys who understand the practice of medicine are needed to ensure fair representation of all parties involved. This is just one example of the benefit of a joint medical and legal degree (MD-JD).
  3. You’d like to work in health advocacy or policy: Those with highly persuasive personalities may find great opportunity in health advocacy and policymaking – developing and lobbying for new or improved laws that ensure safe, effective and accessible health care. It’s another instance in which a MD-JD is a smart move.
  4. You want to work in medical education: Medical education is continually changing. Traditional lecture and lab practices are largely giving way to more active, innovative and experimental approaches to teaching and studying medicine. If you have a gift for developing and implementing educational lessons, programs and initiatives, and have an interest in health or medicine, a dual MD-MEd degree may be for you. It’s beneficial for those who want to work as a medical school instructor, or for a governmental agency or nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of health issues.
  5. You want to start your own medical practice: Make no mistake – A medical practice is a business, and the business of practicing medicine is constantly changing and often complex. This is particularly true for practices that involve multiple physicians working under the direction of an overarching health care system. Add the ever-evolving issues of insurance reimbursement and rising costs of providing healthcare and you’ll quickly understand why a dual MD-MBA degree may be critical to your success.

No matter which path your college and career takes you, the better you understand the basics of medicine, the easier and more successful your path will be – and WOLFPACC is the place to start. Call 904-209-3140 to find out how our innovative approach can ensure your success in any of the varied medicine-based career opportunities you may choose.