10 Great Reasons to Take a Gap Year

March 2, 2017


Research shows that more graduates are opting to take a gap year before going headstrong into applying for medical school. Among the top reasons and benefits…

  1. The opportunity to boost your undergraduate GPA.
  2. Time to more thoroughly study for or retake your MCAT exam for a higher score.
  3. Time to complete prerequisite coursework that your studies thus far haven’t included.
  4. The chance to shadow physicians and other medical professionals in the specialties you’re considering so that you can better narrow down just which ones you’re most interested in.
  5. The opportunity to volunteer or work in a clinical setting for real-world experience.
  6. The chance to get experience in seemingly unrelated fields that actually could increase your knowledge of the medial industry as a whole. An example is volunteering with a group lobbying for legislation that will affect some aspect of health care.
  7. The chance to travel abroad and learn about medical systems in other countries.
  8. Time to complete activities that will land you stronger and more numerous letters of recommendation.
  9. Figuring out exactly why you want to go into medicine so that you can persuasively communicate your desire and goals in written statements required in medical school applications.
  10. Time to prepare for your USMLE and COMLEX exams and boost your competitiveness by enrolling at WOLFPACC and learning Dr. Hans Wolf’s revolutionary approach to the study and practice of medicine.

Why are you considering a gap year and how will you spend it? If boosting your competitive edge by learning the WOLFPACC approach piques your interest, call 904-209-3140 and speak with an enrollment specialist today.