July 20, 2017


There are many reasons why you might have chosen to attend medical school in the Caribbean. After all, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported 21,030 matriculants from 53,042 applicants with an average of 16 applications perpersonin 2016, so acceptance for allopathic (or osteopathic) schools in the United States can be tough. That’s why so many offshore programs in the Caribbean offer primary training for med students who intend to return home for residency and clinical practice after graduation. Whether you are enrolled in a dual-campus program or not, acceptance for residency programs and competitive specialties won’t be easy.

According to the National Resident Matching Program (THE MATCH), only half of foreign medical school graduates are matched into U.S. residencies. Since the credential is required to practice medicine in the United States as a licensed physician, the importance you place on preparation for the Boards is critical. To help level the playing field, it is important for any offshore student to score as high as possible on his or her USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt.

Although there has always been some disagreement as to the best time to take the Step 1, most students take the test between their second and third years in medical school. This is after completing the basic science courses and before clinical rotations. Since the overall purpose of the exam is to assess an individual’s knowledge of the sciences, taking it within a couple of months of finishing basic courses combined with extra study in a proven Step 1 Review course can be of benefit.  While some of the exam questions may involve testing an examinee’s range of knowledge, most of the questions place a strong emphasis on the application of basic science principles in the practice of clinical medicine.

We have years of experience in helping Caribbean medical students build a better foundation for understanding medicine so he or she passes the Step 1 with their best possible score. With limited space and classes filling up fast, now is the time to sign up for the Step 1 Review. Our Physician Achievement Concept Course will empower you with the information, tools and skills to achieve exceptional results.