Get Published! Four Top Medical Journals for Students, Physicians in Training

February 22, 2018


Getting published in a medical journal lends a physician a boost in exposure and credibility. But there’s no need to wait until you’ve graduated and are practicing to begin building recognition for your knowledge, skills and talent. Multiple journals invite article and artwork submissions from medical students, residents and fellows, particularly those involved in research projects. In fact, several highly respected journals were created and are fully run by students.

Following are four top peer-reviewed publications to help launch your medical publishing career.   

  1. American Medical Student Research Journal: Created, authored, reviewed an edited by medical students, this nonprofit publication was founded in 2013 to give students across the globe the opportunity to learn the peer review process and serve as reviewers and editors. Section topics include basic science, clinical research reports and manuscripts, case reports and humanities, which addresses political, social and personal experiential aspects of medicine. Submission guidelines.
  2. Harvard Public Health Review: This quarterly publication focuses on content that content that drives discussion of challenging public health issues; explores biological, psychosocial and environmental determinants of health; and potentially impacts program and policy decisions and health practices. Most, though not all issues carry a central theme, announced in calls for submissions in the months prior to publication dates. Submission guidelines.
  3. International Journal of Medical Students: Published three times annually, this open-access journal was created to share the scientific production and experiences of medical students worldwide. It accepts contributions and unpublished manuscripts including personal essays, interviews, research and case reports and more.
  4. Student BMJ: Written by medical students, junior doctors, experts and journalists from around the globe, this online publication has a rolling submission and publication schedule. Topics are limited to those included on its editor’s list. Submission guidelines.

Be sure to check the writer’s guidelines before pitching, writing or submitting content, as the requirements, preferences and expectations vary among publications.

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