Why Liberal Arts Undergrads Make Great Medical Students

August 12, 2020


For most medical students, the logical path includes a premed major. But did you know that it’s not a requirement? Truth is, you can major in most any subject you want and still land a spot in medical school so long as you take all premed requirements. And though a liberal arts major and medical school may seem an odd pairing, there are multiple factors that can make it a recipe for success.


  1. Writing skills: The ability to pen an effective essay can prove incredibly valuable not only when applying to medical schools and competing for choice residencies, it also lends the confidence to write for medical and research journals – a move that can boost your reputation among recruiters, residency program directors and future employers.
  2. Communication skills: Volumes of research confirm that communication between a physician and a patient significantly impacts the patient’s outcome. The better you’re able to relate to and bond with a patient, the better the potential outcome. Liberal arts students tend to excel at this because their previous academic experiences connect them with people of varying ages, ethnicities, etc. and afford them opportunity for deep discussions covering many points of view.
  3. An understanding of ethics and morality: Arguably, few professions are as full of ethical dilemmas and difficult decisions as the practice of medicine. Though you’re sure to take classes in medical ethics, courses in philosophy and the humanities can bolster your ability to make informed and sound decisions as a healthcare provider.
  4. The ability to tackle complex issues: Liberal arts and other humanities-based studies help students learn about the workings of the world on a deeply personal level. This can complement your science-based studies, where you learn on the molecular level.

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Photo by Laika Notebooks on Unsplash