Three Ways to Make an Impact and Boost Your Med School Competitiveness in Nonclinical Settings

February 17, 2021


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit opportunities for in-person clinical experience for pre-med and medical students, many are looking for alternative ways to make a positive impact on their communities while, of course, boosting their competitiveness for landing prime medical school and residency spots. Here are three top options to consider:

  • Promoting health education: Studies show that informed patients who are proactive about protecting their health stand to have better outcomes when a medical issue hits. And the possibilities are endless. Enterprising pre-med and medical students have developed projects as varied as teaching safe sex practices to inner city high school students; organizing healthy cooking sessions for groups at high risk for diabetes and food insecurity; and translating health information into various languages for non-English-speaking populations.
  • Volunteering for screening and vaccination campaigns: Screening for various conditions such as skin cancer and sexually transmitted diseases is critically important because early detection means quick treatment and improved chances for healing and survival. Look for community clinics or organizations within your local area that run health fairs or local chapters of national organizations focused on certain health issues. Or, approach university campus clinics with ideas for screenings of health issues prevalent among young adults and students.
  • Supporting nonprofits that provide medical care to the underserved: Nonprofit organizations that provide health care to those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds abound and many undoubtedly are feeling a financial squeeze in the tightened pandemic economy. An offer to write a grant proposal or organize an online fundraising campaign assuredly would be welcomed by most any such organization.  

Engaging in nonclinical volunteer opportunities can help you develop leadership, teamwork and communications skills and demonstrate your passion for and commitment to your medical education and career.

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