Dr. Wolf 

 Message from the Founder

Medicine has the potential to be a tremendously rewarding field and so many patients are looking for competent physicians to ease the suffering of what they cannot change on their own. The journey to get there however is one of tremendous sacrifice, anxiety, tension, pressure and many times causes one to question their journey. With the vast amount of information that one has to learn in medical school, it is hard to make time for the “why,” and you find yourself just memorizing to survive. The number one statement made by new medical school graduates on their medical school experience was, “I SURVIVED!” comical and yet sad in the same sentence as the journey does not have to be this way. Here at WOLFPACC, we put the “WHY,” into the information which clears the path for understanding and gives you the opportunity to finally connect the dots.

A number of years ago, my wife and I were blessed with triplets (one boy and two girls). I found out very fast how amazing and precious life can be and decided to set a career in Surgery aside to utilize my skill and knowledge in Academic Medicine. This decision has also given me the opportunity to change the lives of so many student and doctors as well as indirectly their patients, but more important to be home as a dad.

I feel very blessed to have this unique opportunity to share with you the years of experience that I have gained in the fields of Medicine. This encompasses both pre-hospital (paramedic/firefighter), Wright State University- BS Microbiology, Medical school- Ross University School of Medicine and hospital Wyckoff Height Medical Center (General Surgery) as well as the six years I served in the United States Navy. I have a passion that I carry inside of me to illustrate to students and doctors that memorizing your way through medicine does not work and sets you up for failure which should never be an option.

In the Academic world, I have been honored to hold prestigious positions as Dean of CIBC (Basic Sciences), Interim Dean of Academics, to a visiting professor of many schools in the continental United States (MD and DO) as well as throughout the world. Never give up on your dreams because the expedition turned out to be harder than you expected, but once you do succeed and you will, the journey will be well worth it!

Hans Wolf, MD