Studying to be a Doctor? Join the Team – Any Team

August 25, 2015


The days of patients being served by a single superstar doctor are long over. Today’s medical practice increasingly is a team effort, with multiple physicians of varying specialties often consulting on treatment options for a single patient. The expertise of nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, social workers and others also may play a role in patient care. So, if you’re planning a career in medicine, you’ll want to prove that you can be both an independent thinker and a strong team player.

The best way to do that is to actively involve yourself in a team activity before applying for medical school and, if your study schedule allows, during school. Whether you play on a sports team, volunteer for a nonprofit or community project, or leading a group effort to improve an issue at your current workplace, you’ll develop attribute that will prove beneficial when vying for a coveted spot in one of your top school choices. These attributes include:

  • The ability to effectively communicate and cooperate. 
  • The ability to effectively coach or lead others. 
  • The ability to graciously accept advice and follow instructions and take constructive feedback.
  • Discipline, focus and productivity.
  • Time and energy management skills. 
  • Problem solving skills.
  • The ability to quickly and effectively adapt to change. 
  • Individual and group responsibility.

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