Top Ways Students Prepare for Medical School

September 8, 2015


Each year, the Association of American Medical Colleges releases its Matriculating Questionnaire, designed to collect and reveal a litany of information about the nation’s medical students, from their ethnicities to study habits to just when they decided to study medicine. Educators and administrators then use this information as benchmarking tools to tweak their educational programs to better meet students’ needs.

Among the data gathered is information on how America’s students prepare for their medical school experience. Here’s what the latest questionnaire results revealed:

  • 93.5 percent shadowed a physician or other healthcare professional.
  • 91.5 percent volunteered in the healthcare field.
  • 85.1 percent volunteered in a non-healthcare field.
  • 59.6 percent took a MCAT preparation course.
  • 58.6 percent took a laboratory research apprenticeship while in college.
  • 36 percent participated in an international volunteer experience.
  • 14.8 participated in a summer academic enrichment program for college students.
  • 11.7 took a summer laboratory research apprenticeship while in high school.
  • 10.1 took a non-degree post baccalaureate program to complete pre-medical requirements.
  • 9.9 percent participated in a middle school pre-medical or science program.
  • 8.4 percent participated in a classroom-based summer, after-school or Saturday pre-medical program for high school students.
  • 7.5 took a non-degree post baccalaureate program to strengthen academic skills.
  • 7.0 percent attended a magnet science/health science high school.

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