Three Ways to Set Yourself Apart in Medical School Applications in 2017

January 2, 2017


The coming shortage of physicians means a plethora of opportunities for those planning careers in medicine. But make no mistake – competition for those tens of thousands of open job spots will remain fierce, as will competition for coveted spots in America’s best medical schools.

That’s because each year, many more qualified individuals apply to the nation’s medical schools than are admitted. While schools are being urged to admit more students in order to help meet the coming demand for skilled new physicians, experts expect the number of applicants to continue surpassing the number of available spaces in schools. In fact, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 53,042 prospective students applied to medical school in the 2016-2017 cycle. Of them, just 21,030 students – roughly 40 percent – matriculated into US programs.

St. Augustine-based WOLFPACC offers three ways to help assure you’ll stand out from the crowd of fellow hopefuls vying for coveted spots in America’s best medical schools.

  1. Watch your social media presence: It’s no secret that employers check the social media sites of prospective employees before making a hire. That’s because any hire is an investment in time, training and money – just one controversial post, unflattering photograph or questionable comment by an employee can cause reputational issues for an employer. The same rings true for medical schools. They seek mature applicants whose online behavior shows intelligence, professionalism and respect for self, others and the medical field. Keep in mind that many of today’s medical school hopefuls have grown up online and in a far more public eye than generations past. If you’re among them, you many never have considered how your social media posts might ultimately hinder your future ambitions. Before submitting your medical school applications, comb through your social media sites, including those that you no longer use but remain online. Delete any potentially damning material, including that posted by others to your sites. Going forward, make sure to post only material that you’d be comfortable with a medical school official seeing.
  2. Ace your MCAT, COMLEX and USMLE exams: This is a given, of course. Scoring high on entrance will always be critical to your success, as they help to prove that you can handle the academic rigors of medical school. This is where WOLFPACC can help you excel via an innovative approach to the study and practice of medicine that focuses on better understanding the five main organ systems and how they relate to each other, rather than conventional memorization techniques.
  3. Go beyond your scores: While the aforementioned test scores will always be important, medical schools also are placing increased focus on more personal strengths in addition to academic strengths. While completing your applications and essays, be sure to include examples of ways you’ve shown leadership, teamwork, problem solving skills, high work ethic and compassion.

If you’re considering medical school, develop your competitive edge with a call to WOLFPACC at 904-209-3140.