What Do Med Students Do During the Summer?

July 31, 2023


Ask any medical student and they will tell you medical school is a fulltime job. So most summer months are booked with related learning activities. Where the first year of med school focuses on the basic sciences, after that students begin to focus on becoming residency ready by making the most of their time to find their perfect match.

”Our physicians achievement concept courses provide an opportunity for medical students to use their summer for a dual purpose,” says Hans Wolfe, M.D. and founder of WOLFPACC, a board preparation company. “Review courses and tutoring sessions are conducted in a casual coastal setting next door to one of the most historic towns in America. It’s a win-win opportunity to recharge one’s batteries while continuing his or her professional development.”

So whether this is the end of your first year of med school, or your first year as an IMG trying to distinguish yourself for residency, WOLFPACC’s USMLE & COMLEX test prep review courses allow you to enjoy your break any time of the year. After all, every student’s schedule for test taking can vary. But regardless of Level or Step you’re preparing to take, the WOLFPACC Course Calendar is filled with dates for review course; and Florida is always open.

Dr. Wolfe and his experienced staff utilize a revolutionary approach that is designed to not only ensure a passing grade on an upcoming exam but to empower students with the information, tools, and skills they need to become a practicing physician. Our staff teach you how to master difficult clinical situations with full confidence in your management approach. Best of all, between live lectures you’re living in a vacation just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Ponte Vedra’s Rich History

Originally home to pre-Columbian natives, Spanish explorers founded St. Augustine in 1565, which was forty-two years before the English colonized Jamestown. That means it is the oldest enduring settlement in United States. Over fifty years earlier, while acting as the first governor of the of Puerto Rico, Ponce de Leon had already laid claim to Florida for the Spanish Crown. Today, two million visitors annually make their way to the area to explore historic sites and visit our First Coast beaches.

For students with a few hours of free time, there is no better place to let go of med-school stress than taking a walk on Ponte Vedra Beach’s pristine sand with gentle ocean waves breaking at your feet. As golf’s home to the PGA Tour, Sawgrass Village offers island boutiques, art galleries, and award-winning restaurants. In addition, WOLFPACC training facilities are located just minutes away from both Nocatee and St. Johns Town Centers with everything from indoor skydiving to a Top Golf driving range.

Premed students also need to use time wisely…

The teaching physicians, clinical faculty, and administrators that make up a medical school’s admission committee will naturally be looking at your grades and MCAT scores. However, when evaluating med school applications, admission committee members take a broad view of your accomplishments and extracurricular experiences. Choosing to be actively involved helps to confirm that you are a more well-rounded applicant.

“There is really no time off when your career goal is to practice medicine,” adds Dr. Wolf. “As a premed student, you will be tempted to take the summer off to recharge your battery. But that’s not going to help you get into medical school. It’s best to find a balance that allows you to enjoy your break while using your time off wisely, especially for those taking a gap year.”

Using your summer break to shadow a healthcare professional, volunteering for community health services or participating in impactful clinical research shows your level of commitment and lets admission committees know that you are serious about pursuing a career in medicine. Patient exposure and clinical experiences helps to shine a light on who you are and serving your community demonstrates a willingness to be responsible for others.

It may be difficult at a young age to focus on enhancing your academic promise but remember a medical school’s admissions staff is selected to gauge your mindfulness and fitness to attend their institution. Consider your summer months to be the perfect time to show that you are socially adept and have the skills to navigate the challenges of a healthcare environment. This shows you intend to achieve your goals for a professional career practicing medicine.

Why Med Students Choose WOLFPACC

”That’s a no brainer,” Dr. Wolf explains. “We’ve always been willing to invest in our student’s success in becoming a board-certified physician who is ready to practice medicine with confidence and compassion.” WOLFPACC’s 8-week guarantee review program for med student’s taking the USMLE or COMLEX-USA exams allows students who opt for the live-in person 8-week review program to come back for FREE should they fail to pass their exam.

8-Week Guarantee for a Passing Grade

For the Guarantee to apply, you must have attended all lectures, group studies, and tutoring sessions as well as sit for your USMLE or COMLEX exam within 60 days of completing your program. If you fail to meet the passing requirements, you be allowed to return to our program within six months of your exam results for eight weeks of additional training that includes:

  • 1) Challenge exams and diagnostic assessments
  • 2) Assessment testing personally evaluated by Dr. Wolf
  • 3) Forty tutoring sessions (5 one-on-one per week)
  • 4) Comprehensive materials needed to pass the exam
  • 5) Group sessions to review and solidify lectures

We do not discriminate against language barriers, learning disabilities, or anxiety disorders that may have contributed to a failing score. Our staff is committed to all of our students and never take a one-size-fits-all approach. WOLFPACC board preparation programs are personalized for each incoming student’s strengths and weaknesses to yield the best possible outcomes for your board score.

Learning Through Physiology

Dr. Wolf developed an innovative way of learning for students preparing for the USMLE or COMLEX-USA medical licensing exams at WOLFPACC. Our physicians achievement concept courses integrate the five main organ systems through physiology. Most medical students are so busy going from one subject to the next that they often fail to realize how much they’ve actually learned. Dr. Wolf helps students focus on the total unit rather than a single presenting sign or symptom.

Our hands-on approach, one-on-one tutoring, small class size, and academically structured environment are key to our student’s excellent success rate. Moreover, our Power 5 Methodology doesn’t require medical students to rely solely on short-term memory, which naturally fades with time. Instead, our staff helps you integrate the pertinent information to apply a clinical understanding for the task at hand.

At WOLFPACC, we understand that choosing the extracurriculars you should consider between any medical school break can be a difficult balancing act. But, we also recognize the importance of attaining a passing grade for each Step or Level of your board examinations. That’s why our staff focuses on your dream of becoming a confident clinical physician and to ensure you will have a successful career practicing medicine.

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